What's New in Northridge


NRCA will meet on Monday, November 11th
| 7:30 PM | 3512 Old Dominion Blvd. 

  • Welcome/Call to Order - Ms. Kay Stimson
  • Police Report – Sgt. Thomas Ground, ACPD
  • Approval of October Minutes
  • Treasurer's Report - Ms. Amy Krafft
    • Committee Updates
          * Transportation & Safety – City Approved Traffic Safety Changes to Monticello Boulevard, Firehouse 203  
             Renovation Update
          * Planning & Zoning - Letters to the City re Traffic & Environmental Concerns at Scroggins Road
    • Events – Tree Sale, Tree Lighting at the Pit
  • New Business

Contact Us: info@northridgecitizens.org

Recent Communications

Letter to City of Alexandria re Traffic, Parking and Pedestrian Safety Issues at Scroggins Rd & W Braddock Rd

Letter to City of Alexandria re Stormwater and Flooding Issues at Scroggins Rd & W Braddock Rd


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