NRCA will host our ANNUAL MEETING on Monday, March 9th at George Mason Elementary School| 7:30 PM | 2601 Cameron Mills Rd

All neighbors are welcome and invited!

North Ridge Tree Sale - Spring 2020:  TAKING ORDERS NOW!


We are waiting for Spring pricing but most likely will be same as Fall Prices - 

                          15 gal container trees 10-12ft in height         $300

                           2”caliper ball and burlap – 15 ft in height     $540

                    All trees are native to North Ridge and support wildlife.

TREE MENU:  Quercus alba - White Oak; sun or part shade, moist well drained to dry soils / Quercus coccinea - Scarlet Oak; full sun - drought resistant; fast growing / Quercus rubra - Northern Red; NE facing Sun and shade; well drained soils; fast growing / Quercus palustris - Pin Oak; sun and shade - moist/wet soils; fast growing / Quercus phellos - Willow Oak; sun or part shade – moist  but tolerates drought; fast growing / Lioriodendron tulipifera - Tulip Poplar; sun - moderately moist  well drained soils; fast growing / Platanus occidentalis - American Sycamore; sun and some shade; prefers moist soils but tolerates multiple conditions/pollution; very fast growing / Nyssa Sylvatica - Black Gum;  sun and moist soils 

Email us your order now; no later than March 8th;  we can help you identify the right tree(s) and the location;  We will collect checks later.

Planting will be mid-March.                

QUESTIONS?  Contact Lynn and Jane      

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