Friday, April 29, 2016
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NRCA Meeting: Mon., April 11 at 7:30pm

Beverley Hills Community United Methodist Church

3512 Old Dominion Blvd



1. Call to Order – Lyn Gubser, President

2. Police Report – Sgt. Thomas Ground

3. Minutes of March Annual Meeting – Julie Porter

4. Treasurer’s Report – Ken Hill                                

5. Formation of Membership Task Force – Lyn Gubser

Chaired by Rachel Colangelo, the focus of the Membership Task Force will be the employment of social media as well as print to expand NRCA’s membership, especially among the younger demographic of our community.

6.  King Street Complete Street Project – Hillary Orr, Complete Street Program Manager, Alexandria Department of Transportation & Environmental Services

King Street, between Janneys Lane and Quaker Lane, is being evaluated for multimodal improvements. As part of the Safe Streets Initiative, the City is attempting to find ways acceptable to the community for improving pedestrian safety, particularly near schools; reducing speeding violations; improving safety for bike riders; and “changing the character of the roadway.”  In advance of a third public meeting on this issue, to be held at TC Williams at 6:30 pm on April 21st, Program Manager Hillary Orr will describe the present state of the planning of this project.   

7.  New North Ridge Fire Station – Irina Jamison, Project Manager, Department of General Services

Since 1948 Fire Station 203, 2801 Cameron Mills Rd., has faithfully served the North Ridge community. By present standards, however, the station is too small to meet our current needs. For example, we have on site no modern emergency response unit simply because there is no room for equipment or crew. But as NRCA was advised last year, Station 203 is about to change. On the existing property, an environmentally friendly facility is to be built, with bays large enough to accommodate modern emergency vehicles and sufficient living spaces for staff. Construction should start in 2017. Irina Jamison, the city’s contract manager for this project, will describe the present need for and the new Station 203’s response to our emergency service needs.

8. Monticello Park Issues – Lyn Gubser

The City’s decision to spray with glyphosate (not Roundup) the English ivy and wintercreeper in Monticello Park caused significant consternation among environmentalists, especially birders, dog walkers, and parents of children who play in the park. Many of their concerns were emphatically expressed to NRCA. While the debate could go on endlessly as to whether the city made the right decision to spray for invasive plants, whether sufficient notice was given, and whether more preferable alternatives might have been available, the fact remains that the park is infested with invasive plant species that threaten our indigenous plants and trees. As a part of NRCA’s longstanding initiative to save our canopy, is there anything we might do to help the city in their efforts to best manage our parks? Does our successful joint effort in managing Beverley Park suggest ways in which we can assist in the preservation of Monticello Park? How might NRCA best address this issue so that we can pursue with the City our mutual interest of protecting our most valuable natural resources?

9. Adjourn

Suggestions or questions? Contact Lyn Gubser at 703-836-8194 (h) | 703-864-9865 (c) | lgubser @ comcast .net.


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